I've heard it said,

that life is short...


a second....


 an instant...


a short breeze in the winds of time.

But this is only for those,

who measure time in milleniums,

or with the birth and death of the centuries.

I, who measure the passage of time

with every beat of your heart,

believe differently.


When you are not here with me,

I live every instant as if it where eternity,

And when we are together,

even if only in my dreams,

time stands still.


I am born, exalt, and die

with your every breath.

I see all of eternity

in your eyes.


My heart laughs

when you smile,

and I hear in your voice

the winds of time.


I exist, only in your dreams,

and you in mine.

But together we will live for all eternity,

in that instant that passes,

between one beat and the next of your heart..